We provide professional services related to international accreditation for undergraduate and postgraduate educational programs.

  • Analysis of international accreditation of educational programs: Consists on the academic programs’ identification with potential or need for international accreditation.
  • Search and selection of international accreditation agency: Consists of identifying and recommending international accreditation agencies consistent with the academic programs of the institution of higher education.
  • Self-study development consultancy: All accreditation process starts with a self-study of the institution and the academic program to be accredited; this service’s purpose is to generate, in cooperation with the public or private educational institution, a document according to the requirements of the selected accreditation agency, which reduces the working times.
  • Consultancy for evidences portfolio: Follow-up on the structure, organization and contents of the physical or electronic folders that make up the evidence for the accreditation of the academic program.
  • Consultancy in logistics for peer evaluators’ visit: Through its experience in the attention of international agencies’ peers, this service allows educational institutions to prepare and conduct the most efficient visit of evaluators, in order to fulfill the coverage of the evaluators’ visit in activities such as schedules, arranging of proposals for accreditation teams, transportation, hotels, food, a location required for evidences, and interview schedules between evaluators and accreditation representatives.
  • Follow-up of international accreditations: Consists in the follow-up of accreditations granted and/ or in process, in order to avoid the forfeiture of them.

Service Hiring Instructions

  1. Download or request format for service request .
  2. Submit the signed form ( or deliver it at the DAEI.