History and Background

The International Accreditation and Evaluation Office (Spanish: Dirección de Acreditación y Evaluación Internacional, DAEI) is the department that promotes, regulates, systematizes, guides and facilitates the international accreditation processes of the University’s educational programs, as well as the participation of the Institution in the international rankings.

The international accreditation is part of the strategies followed by Higher Education Institutions to seek quality assurance, and which involves all members of the educational field in each university. Particularly at the UANL, international accreditation is an activity in which central administrative entities and schools have cooperated in joint actions. In this case, DAEI is responsible for conducting and carrying out these processes successfully.

The DAEI began its activities in 2009, during the term of Dr. Jesús Ancer Rodríguez, and it began with the development of an educational quality internationalization culture, through the international accreditation of academic programs with agencies legally established for this purpose. This office started working by assisting, guiding and organizing to get the international accreditation of The Food Industrial Engineering Program, from the School of Agronomy, and the re-accreditation of the Civil Engineering Program from the School of Civil Engineering. Both programs reached the international accreditation by the Accreditation Board of Engineering and Technology Agency (ABET).

Since then, the DAEI has continued consulting and guiding the Schools from The Universidad Autonoma of Nuevo Leon, with the commitment to obtain international accreditation of undergraduate and graduate programs. By its work, the International Accreditation and Evaluation Office has established that Schools can achieve opportunities to improve their educational quality, learning systems, teaching and other educational services, such as registration system, libraries and student services..